Federal Mogul

Environment, Health and Safety.

We believe that by integrating Health, Safety and Environment to all aspects of our business, we will be taking care of people’s integrity and preserving the environment within a sustainable growth and high productivity processes. We comply with the applicable legal requirements and seek technologies in keeping with the sustainable capacity of our world. Our health, safety and environment management reflects our values and contributes to our attaining our business goals.

Protecting the Environment.
- We have a residue central where we control all residues generated in processing our products.

- Generated residues are conveyed to the companies in charge of a suitable destination.

- We have an effluent treatment plant for the purpose of treating waste generated before it is destined to the environment.

Health and Safety.
- Workplace workout is provided to all our employees, so as to contribute to preventing ergonomic problems.

- We have a safety program, through which we provide all protection procedures and equipment required for the various activities and areas.

- We also have an emergency brigade team constantly trained and ready to face any eventuality.

To follow up all these practices, complying with the Health, Safety and Environment System has afforded us ISO CERTIFICATION 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which places us in conformity with world standards of Environment, Health and Safety preservation.

Federal Mogul

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