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First ceramic pad produced in Brazil

Launched at the 13th AUTOMEC 2017, the ceramic pad of the Ferodo Top Premium line, is the
first pad with ceramic technology produced in Brazil. This pad raises the level of this important
vehicle safety item (brake system and its components). One of its major attributes is durability
providing a significant increase in service life of pads, under normal use conditions.
Ceramic Technology
The ceramic prime material used in producing Ferodo Top Premium pads is of the highest
technology. It contributes to expanding the safety standard of vehicles, providing greater
stability of friction coefficient, and thus also reducing the possibility of facing occurring – loss
of efficiency, either partial or total of brakes – due to superheating. When brake is applied
repeatedly and exhaustively, it heats up its entire system. Such irradiated heat results in a
decrease in the friction coefficient between disk and pads.
In addition to acting in a continuous manner and supporting heat generated by the friction
process, which may reach upto 750°C under extreme braking conditions, the ceramic pad
significantly reduces vibrations and noise, conveying a sensation of safety and comfort to the
driver. Another feature found in ceramic material is the meaningful reduction of dirt in the
wheels, resulting from the activation of brake system in contact with the disk.
Developed for the spare parts market and meant for premium automobiles, both domestic and
imported, the new pad line is available at the authorized sales and service dealers, throughout
Brazil and also in other countries in South America.

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