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Ferodo, Jurid e Stop - The Complete Line.

We have distinct products for the various kinds of market public, all with the same quality guarantee by Federal-Mogul Motorparts, supplying the three brake pad brands, economic line STOP, at competitive price and efficiency, the Premium line JURID, the same brand sold by the automakers, as well as the Top Premium FERODO line, sold to the original market and now available in the spare parts market

Thinking of diversification and expansion of our product portfolio, we offer also JURID shoes, JURID brake fluid, synthetic lubricants for brake systems (BL-20), in addition to accessories. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the strictest quality standards, so as to supply high standard reliable products, geared to safety.

Launched at the 13th AUTOMEC 2017, the ceramic pad of the Ferodo Top Premium line, is the first pad with ceramic technology produced in Brazil. This pad raises the level of this important vehicle safety item (brake system and its components). One of its major attributes is durability providing a significant increase in service life of pads, under normal use conditions. Ceramic Technology The ceramic prime material used in producing Ferodo Top Premium pads is of the highest technology. It contributes to expanding the safety standard of vehicles, providing greater stability of friction coefficient, and thus also reducing the possibility of facing occurring – loss of efficiency, either partial or total of brakes - due to superheating. When brake is applied repeatedly and exhaustively, it heats up its entire system. Such irradiated heat results in a decrease in the friction coefficient between disk and pads.

Jurid brake pad is the Premium line from Federal-Mogul Motorparts, allying high quality, technology, durability, shorter stop distance, comfort from the very first braking and providing trust in a product which is also commercialized in the automakers market for the spare parts market.

Counting on quality and competitive price, Stop brake pad was developed for the popular cars.

It shows optimum performance, meeting all quality and safety requirements, thus ensuring safe braking.

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